Floppy-buddha's universe is the inspiration to the babywear collection made out of 100% organic cotton. The collection features designer prints with a fun, curious and nostalgic feel. All printing and dying are Oeko-tex certified - no harmful substances are used.
Floppy-buddha is a curious and cheeky urban baby character that lives near the lush and lovely Foxball park. This is where she hangs out with her friends, buddies and pals. She likes to explore with great imagination, is spontaneous and expressive.
Floppy-buddha loves to be surrounded by creative interior, patterns, animals and flowers. She has an attentive eye for details that are important for a baby, such as what socks to wear, which swing to be in and which stick to pick.
After a long and hard day, she wants nothing but drink her creamy milk. The milk is like a drug, it makes her go floppy and content, she is now a very floppy-buddha.